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This blog will contain blood/gore, gay stuff, naked people, and anything else I feel like drawing.

/with occasional cosplay pics

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I love Stellar Kid! He's so beautiful!!
SAID radioactive-acid

Thank you! 
He’s my new fav at the moment <3

Your art makes me rlly happy 🌱
SAID baesill

Thank you! <3

✧ ・゚:* More Stellar Kid*:・゚✧

Can you believe I got to draw 80s Kiefer Sutherland for a class assignment

When did you start drawing Meex? did you start drawing people?? I love your art!!
SAID Anonymous

I’ve been drawing since I was like two maybe??
But I knew I wanted to make a career out of it since I was in the 3rd grade. I’ve been practicing and drawing everyday since :)
I have always been drawing people plus dragons at one point oh boy

A stellar kid I drew in class 

oh my god i was looking for this fanart of akira and tetsuo shotgunning and i finally found it and now im going through the rest of your art and its amazing a+++++++
SAID 404punk

Aw yeah! And thank you (•ؔʶ̷ ˡ̲̮ ؔʶ̷)✧

Would you ever consider making a print out of your drawing of Hinata? I love it so much wahh ; A;
SAID Anonymous


I have a question about your Photoshop techniques? When you color in your drawings do you select all of it and somehow color it in that way or do you use the paint bucket tool? You get such clean looking color while having an outline I was just wondering what are the steps you take when coloring in photoshop (say with skin tones)??
SAID Anonymous

Thank you! Usually I just color under the line art on another layer freehand, depending on the tightness of my line work. But sometimes I will select the area I want to color to save time and color using that trick :) 

Your art is amazing! <3 What program do you use??? If you don't mind me asking..
SAID Anonymous

Photoshop CC~

ok this is gonna sound weird and stuff but i recalled your blog the other day and i mean it had been a while so i came here and found that my art resembles yours a lot and im scared that i might have subconsciously copied you or smtg?? anyhow im rlly srry idk this message is lacking commas and stuff but i iqehopivr
SAID Anonymous

Ooh let me see it! Could I have a link please? It’s perfectly okay to learn from another’s style, don’t worry :)

I saw you today at Midoricon and when I was looking at your art (which I loved) I realized I had seen your art before and I sort of flipped out in my mind haha <3
SAID thisiswhoiaminsidereally

*o* that’s awesome! Thank you so much for stopping by!

A quick step by step for my first Illustration assignment 

Hey meex! What are your pronouns?
SAID Anonymous

Her/she :)

Midoricon AA

If you’re in the area, stop over and say hi! I’m located at the end of a fucking hallway, so good luck finding me

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