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I forgot to upload this lol
The color schemes and facial structures of these two are so beautiful and fun to draw ;u; <333

This would be a good time to show everyone my BlackIce playlist since I’ve gotten a lot of asks about it~!

IAMX- Bernadette
IAMX- Avalanches
A Perfect Circle- Count Bodies like Sheep
Of Verona- Dark in my Imagination
Gotye- Don’t Worry We’ll Be Watching You
Depeche Mode- Enjoy the Silence
Armchair Lyrics- Bang
Adele- Sky Fall
Marilyn Manson/ Eurythmics - Sweet Dreams
Sarah Fimm- Afraid
O Death- Jen Titus

It will grow in time lol

Most of these songs are from awesome blackice videos on YouTube ^-^

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